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states of undress with hailey gates

States of Undress with Hailey Gates

Hailey Gates is a journalist and television host known for her show \”States of Undress\” on Vice TV. In this series, Hailey travels to different countries around the world to explore the intersection of fashion, politics, and culture. Through her unique perspective, she sheds light on the often hidden stories behind the clothes we wear and the people who make them.

The Concept Behind States of Undress

The concept behind \”States of Undress\” is to showcase how fashion can be a powerful tool for self-expression, resistance, and even revolution. Hailey Gates delves into the fashion scenes of countries like Pakistan, Russia, and Venezuela, uncovering the stories of designers, models, and activists who use clothing to challenge societal norms and push for change.

Hailey Gates’ Approach

Hailey Gates’ approach to her show is characterized by empathy, curiosity, and a willingness to immerse herself in the cultures she explores. She is not afraid to ask difficult questions or confront uncomfortable truths, making her a fearless and compelling storyteller. Her commitment to telling the stories of marginalized communities through the lens of fashion sets \”States of Undress\” apart from traditional fashion documentaries.

The Impact of \”States of Undress\”

\”States of Undress\” has had a profound impact on viewers, sparking important conversations about cultural appropriation, sustainability in fashion, and the power of clothing to reflect and shape our identities. Hailey Gates’ work has been praised for its thought-provoking content and its ability to challenge viewers’ preconceptions about fashion and the global garment industry.

Hailey Gates’ Advocacy Work

Outside of her television show, Hailey Gates is also involved in advocacy work related to human rights and social justice. She has used her platform to amplify the voices of activists fighting for better working conditions in the garment industry and to highlight the impact of globalization on local communities. Through her work, Hailey Gates continues to be a vocal advocate for fashion with a conscience.


In conclusion, Hailey Gates’ \”States of Undress\” is a groundbreaking television show that explores the complex and often overlooked stories behind the clothes we wear. Through her unique perspective and fearless approach, Hailey sheds light on the power of fashion to challenge norms, provoke thought, and inspire change. Her work serves as a reminder of the social and political significance of clothing and the importance of using fashion as a tool for empowerment and activism.

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